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The value of content

In the digital world, Knowledge Management is an essential component. Through the sharing of information, it contributes to the overall improvement of people’s skills. The management of knowledge enables users to quickly find the relevant information they need and it gives them the ability to ask the right questions in order to solve a problem efficiently.

The value isn’t necessarily only in the content but lies also in the use of information according to what the users want to know.

The digital world is teeming with content but to date it has been dominated by a single research engine, Google, which has identified in the user a combination of behaviour and habit patterns, allowing it to create specialised data banks. It has now become essential not only to have the best available information to hand but also to be able to solve the problem of access to these pieces of information in such a way that the search engine can adapt its results to the user’s habits, making it unavoidable to compare them with the results of other search engines.

It’s indisputable that in order to increase the perception of value use, it is necessary to build research systems which take into account the users’ effective informatics needs. The final user becomes the key factor along with his/her search experience. Therefore, technology tools must adapt and support this new approach.

The use of search engines is a fundamental part of most people’s linguistic behaviour. Search behaviour is based on brief text constructions – namely formation of words, syntagmas and sentences – which underlie the high profile users’ information needs collected during their work sessions.

The core of language

Language Intelligence is the very core of language, be it in its methodology, approach or specific technology. Whether it is used for initial stages of research or at the stage of cataloguing or annotating documents, it is the most suitable tool to build and access search systems indicating the documents that are the closest to the users’ needs.

Language Intelligence is moreover the most suitable tool to elaborate big data, made up of words and sentences, to increase the situations in which one can extract value (increasing revenue) from data banks.

CELI provides integrated systems to access information through search with great efficiency. It allows companies to access quickly to all types of relevant company knowledge and this can increase both the value of content use and user satisfaction.

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