Customer Experience Management

Understand and capitalise on your customer’s voice

Capitalise on unstructured data

80% of data collected is by default unstructured data. Indeed, 76% of CRM users see the analysis and interpretation of this data being the greatest barrier in achieving business insight.
This is the problem: we collect huge amounts of big data but don’t know what to do with it. The result is that business managers make decisions without taking fully into consideration the information that their customers have provided them with. Over 80% of the data collected, even in Customer Experience Management, is unstructured, and therefore not capitalized on.
The problem isn’t the lack of data but rather that it is not readily available to help business leaders improve their decision process.

In addition, insights derived from unstructured data are often slower than those from structured data: while structured data is managed in continuity with ease, unstructured data remains underdeveloped.

Unstructured data are valuable sources of information for managers who need to implement Customer Experience programs, to convince C-Suite members and, above all, win funding.

Smart language-based technologies give managers the opportunity to transform customer interaction into analytical data.

Why is customer experience so important?

In today’s market, Customer Experience is a competitive point that makes the difference: 55% of customers are ready to pay more to have a better experience. To keep themselves up-to-date, companies must listen and react to their customer’s needs, regardless of the source – structured or unstructured.

We’ve helped hundreds of managers who have faced this latest challenge, helping them achieve their ambitious goals.

    • Identifying the drivers of satisfaction or of dissatisfaction


  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing churn and improving customer retention
  • Defining actionable insights to improve business processes
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Developing a customer-centric approach



How can we help you develop your own customer experience program?

CELI has extensive knowledge of the sector and gained technical expertise by working side by side with companies to develop their knowledge and create winning strategies which now allow them to attract, develop and retain customers. We look customers from the outside-in, turning everyday information into useful data which helps companies make the right decisions. We convert language into knowledge and ROI (Return On Investment).

CELI integrates its semantic technology to the main customer feedback platforms, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CFM (Customer Feedback Management) by adding a layer of semantic analysis in order to collect and centralise transactions and customer multi-channel information.

Language analysis allows us to supply:

  • Lists of customers most frequent requests
  • Alerting to set concepts that tend to repeat
  • Real-time problems’ identification that require immediate action
  • Customer sentiment and opinion definition
  • Feedback automatic classification into actionable categories

Semantic technology can, in addition to the above, be integrated in websites’ FAQ and self-service options to customers, thus making access to information even more efficient while improving the user’s experience.

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