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Books on the go: printed and digital, nomad and social

One of the most discussed topics in the Humanities is the future of books.
What role will they play in education and in people life? How the web interacts wit the printed version of books? How can we link physical and digital libraries and other Cultural Heritage works?
In the educational area, there are different opinions about these themes, varying from those who defend the importance of the paper books to those who insist on moving towards a more digital world, to those who try to integrate and connect tools and processes that have traditions and ages different from each other.

Librare deals with some of these themes, believing that books have leading roles in the digital world, and the dichotomy between digital and printed books has been overcome by people’s interactions, objects, tools and knowledge.

Books and libraries become part of the Internet of Things and of the Open Data. The result is to facilitate the integration of activities taking place both on the web (outside schools), and in classrooms. It becomes possible to track the life cycle and movements of books, tracing the information entered by users according to the Internet of Persons model. Semantics and Digital Humanities increase creativity and student engagement in reading and analysis of literary texts.

All data produced by this innovative and unique approach are manageable and can be requested in Open data format on the regional sharing platform Smart Data Platform, always conforming to strict data protection and privacy criteria.

Citizens, students and teachers collaborate in the research project and contribute to the innovation process.

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