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EU H2020 I-REACT research project

Improving resilience to emergencies through advanced Cyber Technologies

In the past 10 years, according to the United Nations, extreme events costed up to 1.7 trillion dollars and caused 0.7 million deaths. Furthermore, the steady rise in global temperatures due to climate change generates extreme weather events, the consequences of which will become more frequent. The H2020 Innovation project I-REACT “Improving resilience to emergencies through advanced Cyber ​​Technologies” aims to use new information and communications technology to support the entire cycle of emergency management in case of floods, fires and other extreme weather events.

In addition to collaborating with all the other project tasks, CELI leads two specific tasks: “Linked Data and Semantic structure ” and “Social Media Data Engine” . We deal then with the architecture of semantic systems, which will use linked data, and social media analysis (including Twitter and other social networks, blogs and forums ). The use of CELI technologies, including the Natural Language Processing, will allow real-time tracking and understanding of messages sent on web channels concerning any weather events and emergencies, integrating them into the I- REACT platform.

I-REACT is an innovation project funded by the European Commission. Grant agreement #700256. The proposed system targets public administration authorities, private companies, as well as citizens in order to provide increased resilience to natural disasters though better analysis and anticipation, effective and fast emergency response, increased awareness and citizen engagement.

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