University and Research Institutions

We collaborate with Universities and Research Institutions in research projects, both in Italy and internationally.

Publications and presentations

We publish scientific papers in specialised journals and we give talks in NLP and DH workshops.

Progetto I-REACT H2020


Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies

ASED project

Semantic annotations for digital editions

Software for the creation and management of online digital editions which allow fluidity between models and annotation instruments of content based on TEI XML and semantic annotation.

Organic Lingua project

Organic.lingua is a project co-financed by the European Community (FP7)

Semantic Search Engine for Educational Content for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Environment.

SoDA project

Sound Design Accelerator

A Sound Design Accelerator for the automatic generation of soundscapes from an ontologically annotated sound library.

Librare project

Books on the go: printed and digital, nomad and social

Research project to promote reading and interaction between printed books and the internet world.

Galateas project

Generalised Analysis of Logs for Automatic Translation and Episodic Analysis of Searches

Auto analysis of logs for multi-lingual requests by users on search engines with NLP and Machine Learning instruments.