Text-O-Phone (ToP) is the complete, flexible, easy to integrate multilingual front-end solution for text-to-speech systems developed by CELI. It covers the complete processing pipeline form standard text to phonetic annotation - including stress and prosodic information.

Why choose Text-O-Phone:


Text-O-Phone is a suite of multilingual, Natural Language Processing enabled modules, each one responsible for a different processing steps:

Modules are designed as language-independent software components. They can be specialized for a particular language by using language-specific resources and set-up.

an example of phonetic transcription from Italian

Covered languages

To date, Text-O-Phone is provided for the following languages:

We are currently extending the list of covered languages. Moreover, we can develop new language modules on request, along with the development of specialized languages for particular domains or areas.

Language resources

Linguistic analysis is supported by the following resources:

Technical Specifications


*Mexican and French Canadian libraries