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Sophia Chatbot

Engage your customers with Artificial Intelligence

Sophia Chatbot is an innovative tool to manage customer engagement increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

Thanks to Sophia Chatbot the users interact with an intelligent natural interface, which understands their intentions by providing answers, guiding them in their purchasing decisions and helping them during the subscribtion process and onboarding phase.

Usually more than 90% of the questions asked by customers are repeated. This means that much of the time is spent provinding the same answers to the same or similar issues. Sophia Chatbot provides front-office support so that customer service staff can focus on more complex tasks drastically reducing calls to the contact center.

Sophia Chatbot advantages:

  • Optimizes customer service workload.
  • Semantic layer: conversations are in natural language
  • Interacts with the company’s knowledge base so you can keep updated on customer’s requirements
  • Trasfer to human operator if the complexity of the conversation requires it
  • Possibility to save conversation logs
  • Multilingual:it covers all major European languages
  • Connector for Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Telegram.

Sophia Chatbot “reinvents” customer relationship through dialogue in natural language, via text and voice.

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