From data
To meaning

Engage your customers with Artificial Intelligence.

Manage Customer Engagement, improve customer experience.

Sophia Chatbot

Conversational Interfaces

Sophia Analytics

Text mining & analytics

A solution for analysing any text, extracting information, transforming linguistic sources into concrete data.

Optimising processes, understanding customers, reducing costs.

Semantic search engine which allows classification of documents and interpretation of texts.

Easy access to the right contents and information

Sophia Search

Semantic search engine


Advanced Speech technology

Advanced solutions to integrate phonetic transcriptions in speech applications.

Smart language interface for high quality speech synthesis.

Recognise and analyse what is being said online about your company, what’s trending, about a brand or about a celebrity.

Social Media Monitoring, Analytics & Management Tools.


Social media intelligence


Digital School

Collaborative web app for reading, annotating, expoloring and enriching literary works.

Improve learning, collaborate online, develop skills.