ESSLLI 2016: Logic, Language, Information

Posted on 18.08.2016 by

ESSLLI 2016: European Summer School in Logic, Language, Information. CELI is proud to be one of the ESSLLI 2016 Summer School sponsors. The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is an annual event under the auspicies of the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI) which puts… [...]

Natural Language lives here: Amazon and Artificial Intelligence in Turin

Posted on 25.07.2016 by

Amazon will open a research center for Artificial Intelligence in Turin By the end of 2016 Amazon will open a new development center to improve machine learning capabilities for Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. Alexa will then speak Piedmontese and will exploit the talents that Turin and its IT system are… [...]

Revolutionizing Customer Experience with speech technology

Posted on 20.07.2016 by

Customer Experience and speech technology: the innovation Speech technology is revolutionizing customer experience, and more. The Internet and mobile technology rapid evolution allowed users to have many more options to interact with companies compared to the past: mobile, IVR, chats, chatbots, apps and social media have enriched the engagement channels… [...]

13 years with Net Promoter Score: help or danger?

Posted on 13.07.2016 by

Net Promoter Score: the growth number Thirteen years have passed since Fred Reichheld published the article "the one number you need to grow" on Harvard Business Review: since then Net Promoter Score success has been pretty obvious because it has influenced, for better or for worse, the world of Customer… [...]

Big data and medicine: new frontiers of research

Posted on 13.06.2016 by

Big Data applied to medicine: how healthcare changes Medicine have been increasingly using Big Data. Along with telemedicine, robotics, 3D printing, wearables and medical devices, social media, Internet of Things, mobile applications and augmented reality, Big Data are radically changing the world of health and medicine, allowing more personalized care… [...]


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BIG DIVE 4 application is open! CELI is technical partner of BIG DIVE 4, ¬†a training program in Development, Visualization and Data Science, organized by TOP-IX. BIG DIVE is a 5-week Big Data training program offered in Turin, starting in June 8th, 2015 and ending in July 10th, 2015. The… [...]

Evalita 2014 SENTIPOLC results

Posted on 12.12.2014 by

Sentiment Polarity Classification. The SENTIment POLarity Classification Task (SENTIPOLC), a new shared task in the Evalita evaluation campaign, focused on sentiment classification at the message level on Italian tweets. It included three subtasks: subjectivity classification, polarity classification, and irony detection. SENTIPOLC was the most participated Evalita task with a total… [...]


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NoSQL Day is a one day conference about all last generation databases, such as Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB, OrientDB and other non-relational databases. After so many years relational databases are not the only solution anymore. @robfrankie¬†talks about GlusterFS, an open source distributed file system, scalable up to petabytes. The presentation aims… [...]