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Participating in conferences is a way to get out of your “bubble” and your world, to know new realities, companies and people and above all to learn new things that can be useful both from a personal and professional growth point of view.

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always in turmoil and, although the voice is about to become an “essential” technology for many products and sectors, many brands are just starting to use it or do not yet know much about it. Conferences are a great way to “learn more” about the topic and find opportunities to get be inspired by this emerging technology.

Here are our recommendations for the speech technology conferences to be held in 2020.


1- Conversational Interaction Conference – February 10th-11th

San Jose, California – USA

Do you want to get to the heart of voice technologies? The Conversational Interaction Conference is the right event. Participants will receive practical advice on the state of technology, as well as tools and services to help them create a voice user interface. Case studies will also be presented to highlight best practices and problems to avoid.

Why participate: it is the perfect event for technicians in the sector.


2- Voice Connected Business 2020 – February 25th-26th

Portland, Oregon, USA

Through case studies, interactive discussions, question and answer sessions and practical workshops you will get a different and stimulating perspective on the world of voice. The multi stream format also allows you to freely choose the most interesting sessions. Voice Connected Business allows you to cover, in a single conference, different aspects concerning the Voice topic (technical, commercial without forgetting the customer perspective).

Why participate: it covers all aspects related to the voice not focusing only on technical topics but also on marketing and commercial ones.


3- Superbot – March 31st

San Francisco, California, USA

Presented as “The main conference for chatbots, voice assistants and AI”, SuperBot brings together all aspects of the voice under one hat. The sessions focus on trends, best practices and insights for developers, professionals, managers, investors and marketing experts.

Why participate: it combines vocal and textual interaction, as well as being the only conference completely dedicated to chatbots.


4- Voice of the Car Summit – April 7th and 8th

San Jose, California, USA

In a unique conference, focused on the intersection between artificial voice intelligence and the automobile industry, you will be able to learn more about the future of voice in-car, best practices and understand how car manufacturers are leading the way for innovations in voice. You will also understand how they have been facing some of the biggest challenges related to car voice assistants and technology.

Why participate: if you want to know everything about vocal technologies applied to the automotive world.


5- SpeechTEK  – April 27th-29th

Washington, DC , USA

SpeechTEK is the historical conference linked to the world of voice and voice technologies. For more than 20 years, SpeechTEK has been the place where managers, engineers, developers, and users of voice technologies learn, share and carry out new fundamental ideas for the growth of the sector. With three simultaneous tracks covering all aspects of speech technology, SpeechTEK represents the world’s number one opportunity to learn how to develop and implement voice technologies in all types of applications.

Why participate: perfect opportunity to make quality networking together with technical insights.

6. Voice Global – May 6th


If you don’t want to move from your office, this is the right conference for you: 24 free hours in live streaming to talk about the design, engineering, user experience and marketing of voice technologies. The conference is aimed at some industries in particular, including healthcare, fintech, entertainment and transport.

Why participate: you can follow it comfortably from your office in live streaming.



7. Connected Consumer Summit: voice May,18th

London, UK

The conference focuses on the emergence of voice technology in business and is dedicated to helping brands understand the benefits of voice and providing practical advice and examples through case studies, panel discussions and success stories. The information released during this conference is designed to help business leaders and developers navigate the growing world of voice AI.

Why participate: if you don’t want to fly to the United States it is one of the best voice technology events taking place in Europe.


8. Connections: Connected Home Conference – May 19th- 21st

San Francisco, California, USA

In addition to voice interfaces, Connections explores all aspects of the “connected home”. Much attended by people from the smart home sector, the conference also attracts managers from the home security sector and specific hardware and software manufacturers for smart devices. The sessions are a mix of market research, industry analyzes and insights that address the complexities of the topic.

Why participate: unique event that discusses all aspects related to voice and smart home interaction.


9. VOICE Summit AI –  October 5th – 8th

Washington, DC, USA

“The world’s largest voice event” will take place in Washington this year and will present three events within the conference, Voicehacks Hackathon, StartupEXPO and VOICE Summit Awards Dinner. With five thousand attendees and media coverage of 355 million people, VOICE Summit has earned a reputation as the highest quality AI-related voice conference. Events and sessions explore voice technology from a variety of perspectives relevant to both brands and startups.

Why participate: it is the largest event in the world with topics related to voice.


10. All About Voice – November 20th

Munich, Germany

“Connect, share and learn” is the promise of All About Voice. Participants can learn best practices, meet other managers and developers operating in the sector, get an idea of ​​the trends and make a real full immersion in the world of smart speakers. Although it is in Germany, the conference sessions are presented in English.

Why participate: together with the Connected Consumer Summit: voice is the best event to attend near home.


This list is certainly not exhaustive as it has not been possible to include all the voice events scheduled for 2020. If there are other events you will participate in and that you want to share with us, send us an email:







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