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February is a month full of appointments for CELI.

On February 13th Vittorio Di Tomaso, CEO of CELI, will talk about how, in recent years, thanks to the approach to Deep Learning, it has been possible to obtain very important results in many Natural Language Processing tasks. The seminar, entitled “Is natural language processing the holy grail of artificial intelligence?” is organized by the Polytechnic of Turin. In the second part of his speech Vittorio focuses on the aspects that will see development in the future and on the challenges for the sector.

Also on February 13th we will explore bring our experience on artificial intelligence and voice technologies to Now! # 6 organized by the Digital Innovation Hub of Bergamo and by Confindustria Bergamo.

On February 14th, Bea Dobrzyńska, Senior Manager of CELI, will participate in the meeting promoted by Synesthesia “Tech Heroes Voice Assistant”. Everyday we interact with the world around us with the help of a voice assistant: as we drive, we look for a restaurant, we cross the threshold. During the meeting topics related to the development of this technology will be addressed.

The event takes place within the Torino Digital Days, which will take place from 11 to 15 February. The Torino Digital Days, are a special open-door exhibition created thanks to the collaboration between public and private, will reveal the digital heart of the city, creating opportunities for meeting and knowledge and moments of reflection on digital transformation. The theme of this edition will be “The digital post is now”: 5 days of talks, workshops, events, performances, exhibitions, workshops.

On February 15th Andrea Bolioli, CELI Innovation Manager, will talk about Voice First businesses and technologies during the conference “Galileian Day. From musical acoustics to vocal interfaces” to be held at 2.30 pm at the Complesso delle Benedettine in Pisa.
On the occasion of Galileo’s Birthday (15 February 1564), the University of Pisa proposes a series of initiatives to retrace the cultural and technological itinerary which, starting from the first studies made by Vincenzo and Galileo Galilei, reaches the musical avant-garde of the second ‘ 900 and the sophisticated “Voice First” technologies used in voice assistants.

Vittorio Di Tomaso will participate on February 22nd at the meeting “Artificial intelligence and everyday life: living fully with new balances”, promoted by the Gaetano e Mafalda Luce Foundation, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. 

Every technological revolution brings with it a cultural revolution. Today, in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), we are witnessing the birth of new powerful tools, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to everyone we are imagining new solutions to improve the daily lives of many people, redesigning a world in which man and environment are more in balance.

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