From data
To meaning

Francesco Tarasconi, CELI Senior Data Scientist, participates as a speaker at the first Data Science Community Day which takes place in Milan on January 16th, 2020.

ODSC is one of the largest conferences on applied data science that deals with topics related to Artificial Intelligence such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, recommendation systems, artificial vision, autonomous machines, conversational AI, voice recognition, unsupervised learning and image classification .

Francesco attends with a speech entitled “Machine Learning & Data Fusion in three implementations“. Two challenges are particularly significant to give businesses the desired incisiveness: Data Fusion, which combines and exploits heterogeneous data sources, and mastering data (but also a project) evolving over time.

During his presentation, Francesco will also explain what added value Artificial Intelligence brings to forecasting and decision support systems that come as an example in the case of retail in the fashion sector. Two other use cases will be addressed during the speech: supply chain management, always in the field of fashion and the exploitation of a data driven framework to prevent events related to health, environment and safety.

For more information on the full agenda click here.

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