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FutureShots, the festival about innovation created by H-FARM, is about to start.

On the 20th and 21st of September, 2019, participants will discuss about innovation, new technologies and digital trends, but will also attend parties and gaming tournaments, listen to good music, go shopping in an unique vintage market, eat at the best food truck area. This is FutureShots Festival: don’t miss it!

The CEO of CELI, Vittorio Di Tomaso, is joining the festival with a speech called “Voice Revolution”, scheduled on the 20th of September.

The greatest tech revolution after the smartphone is without any doubt voice. Smart speakers and the devices using vocal technologies are growing so fast – and getting better and better. Everybody loves them: from children to elderly people – who can access to any information or service they need, everywhere and anytime.

The power of voice is well known also in the business world: to get closer to customers and give them the best services, a lot of companies are learning about the limitless possibilities of the vocal technologies.Our CEO is also talking about the adoption of smart speakers in Italy, presenting the first Italian research carried out by CELI, in cooperation with KKienn.

CELI Future Shots Festival

If you want to know more about the other speakers of the festival, all the activities and to join, check the FutureShots 2019 website.