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Italians and their habits with smart speakers: the first Italian research carried out by CELI, the H-FARM company specialized in AI, in cooperation of KKienn, presents a clear picture of the market of voice assistants in Italy.

13% of the online panel of 700 consumers taken as a sample have a smart speaker at home: this is already significant penetration, at the same level as wearable gadgets. Those who have a smart speaker use it one or more times a day in 70% of cases; cross-device use is also very relevant, with 79% of the sample interacting with them directly via smartphone.

“Today we are on an edge – on the one hand we have menu navigation systems with voice, on the other technology able to satisfy a need. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text systems are bringing the two worlds together. The current challenge is to build an solution with integrated semantics able to understand the commands, contextualize them and interpret their meaning in order to respond to the need they express“, says Vittorio Di Tomaso, CEO of CELI.

CELI smart speakers research

CELI cooperates with the most innovative companies for the creation of voice systems that are able to provide a natural interaction with the user.

The horizon of this technology is to entrust the machine verbalization of thoughts, and for this reason AI companies will develop and implement devices capable of fully (or almost) equaling the human brain behavior.    

Vittorio Di Tomaso

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