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CELI is currently in Newark, New Jersey, USA, to join Voice Summit AI 2019, the most important event dedicated to voice in business. Every year, this meeting brings together companies, developers, researchers, people who work in the voice technology field and, of course, the biggest names of technology giving speeches and interviews.

Voice Summit is sponsored by Amazon Alexa and sees the participation of companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Bixby and many others.

CELI Voice Summit 2019

The New Jersey Institute of Technology hosts many interesting workshops, speeches, interviews, keynotes, case studies about voice and all the technologies linked to it, that are exponentially growing in these last years.

According to Voicelab, there are more than 100 million voice devices in USA: people love them and use them every day to search information and services of any kind. We’re living a true voice revolution: voice, once again, is considered the most natural and powerful mean of communication.

This is an unique occasion for CELI to listen to the biggest names of the voice technology field, meet new companies and professionals, learn and work on all the ideas about the best practices of voice design.