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CELI flew to Seoul, South Korea, to discover and deepen new technologies and to build and strengthen professional relationships in the Eastern area.

This is not our first trip to South Korea: we already had the chance to work with some of the biggest tech companies, such as LG, Selvas AI, Naver CorporationAsia’s first search engine within which we integrated Text-O-Phone (ToP), a multilingual front-end solution for text-to-speech systems developed by CELI.

Eastern countries like South Korea and China are nowadays considered the places where technologies develop so fast we can’t keep up with all of them. After a long, serious economic crisis in the 90’s, South Korea is now a different country: the income per capita is in line with European countries, the unemployment rate is very low (4%).

What contributed the most to change the country was the construction of a huge area just outside Seoul: the Pangyo Techno Valley (PTV) is the place where all the tech giants (and some interesting, surprising start-ups) placed their headquarters, changing the game in the tech industry. PTV is also known as the Korean’s Silicon Valley – even if it’s way bigger than the Californian one.

CELI in Corea del Sud

Together with the tech industry development, the export sector has exponentially grown (mostly towards USA and China), making South Korea one of the most exporting countries in the world.

While Pangyo Valley continues to grow, dominating the tech industry, the country keeps on investing in its direction, creating attractive economic conditions for companies in terms of tax benefits. But that’s not the only interesting thing to know: Korean schools are seriously focused on educating students about computer programming. Thanks to this strategy, South Korea never runs out of tech specialists: there are a lot of young, educated people ready to join the teams of the most important tech giants of the world.  

During this thrilling journey, CELI had the chance to meet ten of the most important Korean companies – among them, Samsung and Naver (the Korean “Google”). We had the pleasure to tell them everything about our work in CELI, focusing on our twenty-year experience in Natural Language Processing, strategic linguistic consulting and the implementation of our solutions and technologies.

Every company we met was interested in CELI and its work towards linguistic consulting and voice technology – both of them used in search engines, vocal assistants and every future application of Artificial Intelligence.

Our stay in South Korea let us also explore the world of Eastern smart assistants and all the products linked to voice technology. Those we liked the most were the Clova Friends (developed by Naver Corporation) and the Kakao Friends (from Kakao Corporation). Funny, colourful and easy to play with, these smart speakers are very loved and commonly used by the majority of the population. Koreans love them mainly because they’re funny and look like animals and cartoon characters.

Korean Smart Speakers

Meeting new people, getting to know new companies and building professional relationships worldwide is one of CELI’s goals: we have always believed in values like professional growth and curiosity towards everything new.

We really hope that this trip will strengthen our professional relationships in South Korea and in the Eastern area, a vibrant market with endless possibilities.