From data
To meaning

CELI is taking part to Ritorno al futuro: il museo centro di tradizioni e passaggi digitali, an event patronized by Coordinamento regionale Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta and by ICOM Italia’s Commissione Tecnologie Digitali per il patrimonio culturale. The meeting is taking place in Turin in the beautiful museum Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli.

During the day, experts are discussing about a curious but strong dualism: tradition-future. It may seem strange, but these two words represent very well the reality of museums nowadays. More and more museal spaces are organising digital, interactive exhibitions and people are loving them. This trend shows an important truth: museums can still communicate tradition, even using new technologies.

This tech approach raises questions, doubts and challenges. How does a museum keep up with the technological changes and how does it remain traditional? How can a museum transmit traditional values when using technologies? How do people react to them?

All these topics are strongly related to the title given to this year’s International Museum Day– IMD, “Museums as cultural hubs: the future of tradition”.

Museal workers, anthropologists, professors and tech experts are debating in an interesting round table discussion. Andrea Bolioli, our Research & Innovation Executive, is focusing on vocal assistants and their potential to change the cultural and museal field.

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