From data
To meaning

On Wednesday, March 7th, our computational linguists Chiara Albano and Alessia Bianchini are giving a class on applied phonetics and speech technologies. The seminar is held in the former Graduation Room in Palazzo Nuovo (Turin), and it is a part of professor Livio Gaeta‘s course. Professor Gaeta is currently a full professor of German Language and Linguistics at the Department of Human Studies of Turin University.

Computational linguistics has a very important role in both the research and business fields. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is nowadays a branch in which more and more firms are investing, and Natural Language Processing is unanimously considered as the most dynamic and promising A.I. sub-branch.

Not only Google, Apple or Amazon: both universities and Italian firms are rediscovering the importance of working with the tools provided by theoretical and applied linguistics. As a consequence, counting on linguistis’ know-how has become vital. Since almost 20 years, CELI is tracking a pioneering path in professionally enhancing these figures: they represent one of the firm’s pillars, along with data scientists and developers.

Palazzo Nuovo is in Via Sant’Ottavio 15 – Turin. Every interested student has free access to the seminar.

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