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CELI published an article focused on how Artificial Intelligence will impact banking and financial services on H-Farm blog. As a matter of fact, the banking sector has always been the driving force behind the application of new technologies. The automation has been used for back office and operations since the 1960s, and investments in Artificial Intelligence have grown during the ‘80s in the form of expert systems.

But how is it possible to apply Artificial Intelligence and speech technology to the banking sector? By using two instruments:

  1. Onboarding phase: natural language search engines and chatbots (even voice bots) can overcome these issues and allow the customer to search for information like “How to open a bank account” in a simple, immediate and conversational way.
  2. Caring: the goal is to proactively communicate the informations customers want before they call the contact center.

We also drew up a list of banks that have implemented Artificial Intelligence technology, that includes Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, City Banks and others.

You can read the complete article on H-Farm blog: How Artificial Intelligence will impact banking and financial services.

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