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CELI: a H-Farm company

H-FARM SpA acquired today 100% CELI’s shares. The Board of Directors, which includes Vittorio Di Tomaso, Giampaolo Mazzini and Andrea Bolioli strengthens with the entry of Cristina Mollis, head of H-FARM’s Industry Division and Riccardo Donadon, founder and CEO of H-FARM SpA.

The cooperation between CELI and H-FARM has been successfully tested in the past few years, and is now positively influenced by this step, a major milestone for both companies’ growth. The “new CELI” will enhance its Natural Language Processing products and services and will provide new Artificial Intelligence technologies and services to respond to the increasing demand on domestic and international markets.

H-FARM’s genius and energy goes perfectly with CELI’s precision and reliability to significantly boost Made in Italy Artificial Intelligence technologies. The arrival of H-FARM in Turin and Piemonte is a new milestone in the development of the leading Italian digital transformation and innovation company at all levels, from companies to schools. H-FARM keeps growing n offering services to companies everywhere, continuing a process begun almost 2 years ago.

Growth goals

CELI has being investing in new Artificial Intelligence technologies to enhance its Text Analytics products, semantic search, social media monitoring, and to conceive new ones. We have been developing conversational systems with Sophia Chatbot, which can provide users with a simple and natural interaction through their best-known interface: their language. In specific industries or applications, such as e-commerce, banks and insurance, health and personal care, business help desk or PA services to the citizen, users interact with several intentions and needs.
In any case, the natural dialogue system must understand complex interactions in order to respond appropriately and satisfactorily to user’s needs, trying to predict intentions.

Through H-FARM, we increase our offer for international companies. For several years, Asian and US companies have being adopting CELI’s language technologies and resources to quickly bring new synthetic voices to European markets.  Text-O-Phone, CELI’s proprietary multilingual product, analyses and phonetizes text. With H-FARM’s support, we will expand our product offering by combining the
latest deep learning technologies with our resources and our experience in multilingual computational linguistics.

CELI received other acquisition offers from large non-Italian companies: we chose H-FARM because of the admiration and trust in its founder and CEO, Riccardo Donadon. We share his vision and ideas, together with the human dimension he is able to keep in his projects.

CELI’s brief history

CELI has been founded by a group of friends in 1996. We studied Linguistics, Language Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence and worked on European research projects. Some of us went abroad, working for research centers in Computational linguistics in Germany and in the USA.
CELI’s name recalled the Californian CSLI (Center for the Study of Language and Information), which was a reference for all those who studied or worked on Natural Language Processing during the 90s. Our logo it’s a stylization Thot, the divinity of writing and wisdom.

Since then, CELI has continued to develop innovative products and solutions that use Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. We decided to keep our headquarters in Italy because we believe that the best Italian companies can successfully compete on international markets.

CELI’s team comprises 25 software developers and computational linguists, constantly updated on the latest software and language technologies. We also manage an international language consultants network which helps us in developing the languages ​​required by our clients.


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