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Innovative SMEs: technological development and strong entrepreneurial culture

CELI proudly joins the Innovative SMEs placing itself among the most advanced Italian companies in research and technological development.

The Decree Law 3/2015 (Investment Compact), converted with amendments by Law 33/2015, aims to promote sustainable growth, technological development and jobs, the aggregation of a lively ecosystem of a new entrepreneurial culture devoted to innovation, as well as to promote greater social mobility, strengthening the links between universities and business and a stronger ability to attract talent and foreign capital in our country.

As reported by the Ministry for Economic Development, “the Decree Law 3/2015 has assigned a large part of the measures already planned for innovative startups to a potentially much wider audience of companies: innovative SMEs , ie all small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the field of technological innovation.
Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the economic and production system. The “breakthrough expansion” planned by the Investment Compact thus represents a logical evolution for an industrial policy that through technological development aims to promote sustainable growth and spread of a new, more entrepreneurial culture inclined to draw from the world of research and the university and to be open to international flows of human and financial capitals”.

Why CELI is an Innovative SME

For years CELI has been investing more than 30% of its turnover in Research and Development, in addition to employing more than 50% of highly qualified personnel, particularly young graduates/or PhDs, characteristics required for being an Innovative SME .

CELI Language Technology designs and develops multilingual semantic technologies to extract knowledge and create value from unstructured data, ie written texts and speech. We provide consultancy in various areas of Natural Language Processing and Data Science, including speech technology, text mining and text analytics, semantic search, sentiment analysis, clustering and automatic classification, ontologies and linked data, conversational interfaces.

For years we have been working closely and effectively with Universities and research centers of excellence in Italy and abroad. For more information on CELI’s research activities (cooperations, scientific publications, research projects) you can check the Research section search our website.

Innovative SMEs Ministero Sviluppo Economico

Image taken from “An industrial policy document for innovation Focus innovative SMEs” of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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