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June 2015 First days of BIG DIVE 4 ! BIG DIVE classroom is composed of 19 Divers coming from 6 different nations: Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, United States and Vietnam. For 5 weeks they will be the students in the training course organized by TOP-IX, in collaboration with Axant.it, ISI Foundation and ToDo. BIG DIVE, in fact, is aimed at boosting the tech skills (development, visualization and data science) in order to extract value from data and to generate effective impact. In addition to the 8 internal teachers, the course boasts 12 guest lecturers. CELI is technical partner of BIG DIVE, and Vittorio Di Tomaso will talk about Natural Language Processing and Data Science.

March 2015 A great honour for our Cbook! "The digital lab of crunched books: explore and annotate the classics" is the Second Runner Up at DH Awards 2014, in the Best DH Tool or Suite of Tools section. Digital Humanities Awards are a set of annual awards where the public is able to nominate resources for the recognition of talent and expertise in the digital humanities community. The resources are nominated and voted for entirely by the public. Using the Cbook the students can annotate texts, explore novel’s settings, search for terms, interact with the social networks of characters, discover the narrative structure of literary works. We present a short video introduction.

February 2015 BIG DIVE 4 application is open! CELI is technical partner of BIG DIVE 4, a training program in Development, Visualization and Data Science, organized by TOP-IX. BIG DIVE is a 5-week Big Data training program offered in Turin, including many topics, from machine learning to data analysis and visualization.


December 2014 CLiC-It: the situation of computational linguistics in Italy. The first Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics will take place in Pisa from 9-10 December 2014. CLiC-it is a new event aiming to establish a reference forum for research on Computational Linguistics of the Italian community. CLiC-it covers all aspects of automatic language understanding, both written and spoken, and targets state-of-art theoretical results, experimental methodologies, technologies, as well as application perspectives, which may contribute to advance the field. From Information Extraction to Digital Humanities, passing through syntax, semantics, linguistic resources and cognitive modeling.

November 2014 NoSQL Day is a one day conference about all last generation databases, such as Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB, OrientDB and other non-relational databases. After so many years relational databases are not the only solution anymore. @robfrankie talks about GlusterFS, an open source distributed file system, scalable up to petabytes. The presentation aims to show the features of this FS and our experience using it since 2010. Why we chose it? What are its main features? What problems did we face? "GlusterFS: a file system for today's and tomorrow's big data".

November 2014 "How to Measure Emotions in Storytelling": starting from the theory of the emotions, we will review some of the tools available that combine language technologies and semantic web to the measurement of emotions generated by stories. “Content Workers” is the series of workshops dedicated to the managers that value the strategic importance of contents to effectively tackle business and communications objectives. With the participation of the most renowned professionals from the sector. Speakers: Vittorio Di Tomaso (President, CELI), Marco Ferrario (CEO, Bookrepublic) e Cristina Mollis (CEO, Nuvò).

September 2014 CELI participates in the Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises (MLODE 2014)workshop in Leipzig. The workshop is collocated with the SEMANTiCS conference, International Conference on Semantic Systems). The main objective of the LIDER Roadmapping Workshop is to identify areas and tasks in content analytics where Linked Data & semantic technologies can contribute. Over a dozen companies working in content analysis present their success stories and experience about the possibilities and barriers of the adoption of content analysis and Linked Data.

June 2014 The European research project Organic.Lingua ended with excellent results. CELI has served as technical leader for the Work Package 4 on Language Resources, integrating a cross-language search engine and support for multilingual contents. We are happy to report that the project was evaluated by the auditors of the Committee with the maximum score, as "excellent progress: the project has fully achieved its objectives and goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations." The web portal created during the project and the cross-language search service for agro-food resources are available at Organic.Edunet (Search agricultural resources).

May 2014 "A Gold Standard for CLIR evaluation in the Organic Agriculture Domain". At LREC 2014, the International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, we present a gold standard for the evaluation of Cross Language Information Retrieval systems in the domain of Organic Agriculture and AgroEcology. The resource includes a collection of multilingual documents annotated with respect to a domain ontology, the ontology used for annotating the resources, a set of 48 queries in 12 languages and a gold standard with the correct resources for the proposed queries. The goal of this work consists in contributing to the research community with a resource for evaluating multilingual retrieval algorithms, with particular focus on domain adaptation strategies for “general purpose” multilingual information retrieval systems and on the effective exploitation of semantic annotations. The resource is hosted on Organic.Lingua project portal and its use is free for evaluation, research and teaching purposes.

April 2014 Registration for the THIRD edition is OPEN until 27 April. BIG DIVE is a training program aimed at boosting a new generation of developers, in the area of big data. A "street-fighting gym" where high value datasets are the raw material in the hands of a group of ambitious smart geeks tutored and mentored by experts in three key areas: Development, Visualization and Data Science. CELI is one of the technical partners, with its experience in big data and real time analysis and visualization.

March 2014 At the Sentiment Analysis Symposium on March 6 in New York CELI will be presenting "Sharing emotions in social networks. Data mining tools for the sentiment analysis of audiences". The Sentiment Analysis Symposium is a premier, business-focused conference featuring compelling presentations and content from some of the brightest minds in the industry from industry leaders such as Amazon, Huffington Post, American Express, MIT Media Lab, Accenture, IBM, Dell, and more. The conference will provide and unmatched opportunity to network and learn about the latest sentiment technologies and how you can apply them to create real business impact. CELI's natural language technologies are the product of high-level research, proven by many completed projects and scientific publications. They serve as effective tools for multilingual text processing, and they have been adopted by different international companies, such as in Blogmeter's social media monitoring platform.

February 2014 The “LOD2014” event, organized by the W3C Office in Italy, is centered around a keynote presentations from Phil Archer, a key W3C team member for the Semantic Web and LOD effor, leader of W3C Data Activity. The event is an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in LOD and related technologies, and on the current thinking about Next Web Technologies. Italian experiences regarding the use of Linked Open Data are described to experts, public organizations, developers, decision makers and the general public. CELI presents two talks: "Homer: a case study of federation among open data portals" in the public administration session; "Linked (OpenData) vs Open (Linked Data): a voice from the industry" in the best practices session.


December 2013 One-day workshop on "Digital Humanities: Current state and Future challenges", organized by FBK DH, in memory of Emanuele Pianta. The event includes invited talks from prominent scholars and experts from the Digital Humanities area, especially those active at the intersection between humanities and human language technologies. Cross Library presents her works on literature in the talk "Exploring the Betrothed Lovers and other literary works".

November 2013 "Emotion and Sentiment in Social and Expressive Media (ESSEM 2013): approaches and perspectives from AI". The workshop of AI*IA 2013 will take place in Turin on December 3, 2013. It is one of the workshops of the XIII Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, a conference which covers broadly the many aspects of theoretical and applied Artificial Intelligence. During the ESSEM workshop, the tools for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion mining used by Blogmeter platform will be presented in the paper "Social media monitoring in real life with Blogmeter platform".

June 2013 "Knowledge-Based Approaches to Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis": in the last issue, the guest editors introduce novel approaches to opinion mining and sentiment analysis. The paper "Developing Corpora for Sentiment Analysis: The Case of Irony and Senti-TUT investigates sentiment and irony in online political discussions and it illustrates how to develop corpora for mining and analyzing opinion and sentiment in social media. SentiTUT is a novel Italian corpus for sentiment analysis, which includes sentiment annotations concerning irony, developed by the Univerity of Turin in collaboration with CELI and Blogmeter.

January 2013 The latest issue of the Language Grid Newsletter has been delivered (January 2013, no. 31). Among its contents, Language Grid User Introduction (the 31st): Europe's First Language Grid "Linguagrid". Linguagrid hosts a family of Web services developed, published and maintained by CELI, which is open to private and public institutions. Language Grid is an online multilingual service platform which enables easy registration and sharing of language services such as online dictionaries, bilingual corpora, and machine translators.


May 2012 CELI presented in Avignon at the 13th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics the demo of the semantic log analysis system of the GALATEAS project. During the event it was announced the prototype will be soon marked under the commercial name of Smart Loggent. Thanks to that service CELI will offer services for the analysis of search queries targeting specific web sites, with a special attention to e-commerce. The main innovation aspect of the services consists in the fact that user queries are analyzed from the point of view of natural language semantics, thus providing a truly intelligent analysis of huge amounts of user requests.

April 2012 Also this year CELI is acting as a Silver sponsor of LREC (International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation), organised by ELRA. LREC is the biggest conference in the world on Language resources. Its aim "is to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art, explore new R&D directions and emerging trends, exchange information regarding LRs and their applications, evaluation methodologies and tools, ongoing and planned activities, industrial uses and needs, requirements coming from the e-society, both with respect to policy issues and to technological and organisational ones." By sponsoring the conference and participating to it CELI emphasize its role in supporting development and sharing of natural language resources, and promoting their use in industrial context. This year's participation focuses on the provision of language resources as web services and describe CELI's role in promoting an initiative such as LinguaGrid.

January 2012 The research departement of CELI participated to EVALITA 2011 evaluation of NLP systems for Italian. CELI was one of the participants to the task of Frame Labeling over Italian texts. The task presupposes the capability for a system to assign roles to participants to events, states, and processes, and as such it represents the most advanced form of semantic processing. The CELI system called CELI_WT, based on a cascade of Markov Logic Networks, ranked as the most precise system in the third run of the competition (Argument Classification) both on absolute precision and token based precision. The results have been presented to the EVALITA workshop at Rome on 24-25 January 2012.


October 2011 And this year as well, Blogmeter will be present in the role of sponsor for IAB Forum 2011, the most important interactive communications event, which will be held 12-13 October at Milan.

June 2011 META-FORUM 2011 will report on the findings of 30 language white papers each surveying the status of a European language in the digital age. The conference brings together representatives of top-notch European research centres; small and large technology corporations; translation services and other users of language technology; language communities; and policy makers responsible for supporting research and innovation. The meeting is organized by META-NET, a Network of Excellence consisting of 47 research centres in 31 countries and funded by the European Commission. META-NET is forging the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance uniting technology researchers, providers and users for a large European research and innovation effort. CELI will present its Linguagrid platform, a European initiative stemmed from a collaboration with the Japanese NICT: with this platform CELI aims to disclose multilingual natural language processing web service to a wider audience in order to enhance pervasion of this technologies in every aspect of the economical, social and personal life.


December 2010 The semantic analysis of BlogMeter at the 10th Annual Statistics Conference - December 15-16 - Rome. An analysis of the opinions of citizens regarding the public display of the Shroud of Turin, a project developed in collaboration with CSI Piemonte and CELI using the BlogMeter platform.

November 2010 CELI is the only commercial partner in The Harvesting Day initiative to enhance and ensure the visibility and description of language resources and tools. The initiative was presented at two international conferences: LREC2010 and SDH2010

November 2010 And this year as well, Blogmeter will be present in the role of sponsor for IAB Forum 2010, the most important interactive communications event, which will be held 3-4 November at MIC, the convention center of Fieramilanocity. You can find us at stand L11 (first floor).

October 2010 The web site of Scoop is online. CELI and CELI-France are major partners of this research project, funded under the Eurostars program. Thanks to the outcome of this project, CELI's technology for opinion mining will gain from the latest experimental results in the field of linguistic analysis and semantic intelligence.

June 2010 The developer meeting of the GALATEAS project took place in Torino at CELI premises.

May 2010 The annual meeting of ICT4Law took place in Moncalieri. The meeting revealed the growing interest of the legal sector and public administration towards semantic technologies. CELI partecipated by presenting its innovative view of language resources and semantic analysis as web services. The program is available.

May 2010 The LREC conference took place in Malta. More than one thousand participants where present at the event, which stressed once more the importance of language resources for the digital society of the future. CELI was present both as a speaker and as the main commercial sponsor.

April 2010 The GALATEAS project officially started. The participation of CELI in such a project is evidence of its interest towards a semantic analysis of query log files in a multilingual context.

March 2010 CELI becomes a sponsor of the annual conference of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL2010), the most important international conference on Natural Language Processing


November 2009 And this year as well, Blogmeter will present in the role of sponsor for IAB Forum 2009, the most important interactive communications event, which will be held 3-4 November at MIC, the convention center of Fieramilanocity. You can find us at stand 55.

November 2009 In collaboration with our partners Semedge e EasyGov, we will be present at COM-PA 2009, the european salon of public communication of services for citizens and companies, which will be held the 3-5 November at la Fiera Milano. You can find us at stand H29, pavilion 8.

September 2009 CLEF workshop 2009: Presentation of the CACAO project.

September 2009 From the 25th of september we are moving to our new location in Via San Quintino 31 in Torino.

September 2009 Blogmeter teaching at the Master in Social Media Marketing & Web Communication of the School of Communications, IULM

September 2009 Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries 2009 (AT4DL 2009, 8th September 2009, Trento)

August 2009 Doqui adopts clustering architecture based on Terracotta developed by CELI

July 2009 Andrea de Marco of Università di Bologna presents Blogmeter at the Word of mouth Summit 2009.

June 2009 First Natural Language Processing for Digital Libraries (NLP4DL) Workshop, in Viareggio, Italy (15 June 2009)

April 2009 Wired magazine presents ICT4Law: Software for renovating public administration.

April 2009 Kickoff of the project Europeana 1.0, evolution of digital libraries, Europeana

April 2009 ICT4Law (ICT Converging on Law: Next Generation Services for Citizens, Enterprises, Public Administration and Policymakers) is a 3-year Converging Technologies Project financed by Regione Piemonte and started on 20 March 2009.

March 2009 Strategies for web analytics: Blogmeter presentation at WAS 2009, the first italian event dedicated to web analytics.

February 2009 BlogMeter sponsors the Master program in Social Media Marketing at IULM.


November 2008 Blogmeter sponsors Iab Forum 2008
And this year as well, Blogmeter will be one of the sponsors for the next IAB Forum 2008, the most important interactive communications event, which will be held the 5th and 6th of November at MIC, the convention center of Fieramilanocity.

July 2008 Beta version of Memesphere
The beta version of Memesphere, "dialogues, buzz, people, and moods of the Web" goes online

June 2008 Publication of the CELI Research Department website.
research.celi.it contains information about the research projects and the articles published by our researchers.

May 2008 CSI of Piedmont chooses CELI semantic technologies.
CSI of Piedmont chooses CELI semantic technologies for the realization of research portals for citizens. [see the article at www.nuovistrumenti.it (in italian)]

May 2008 The regional council of Valle d'Aosta choses CELI semantic technologies.
The regional council of Valle d'Aosta chooses CELI semantic technologies for the development of a search engine for its legal document base.

January 2008 CELI participates in the CACAO project.
CELI participates in CACAO, a project supported by the eContentplus program of the European Commission, for the access, understanding, and navigation of multilingual textual content in digital libraries. The objective of the CACAO project is to provide an infrastructure that performs multilingual document retrieval for simple queries written in the end user's native language.